Coorabel Ridge Gliding History
Sixty years ago the Coorabel was the site of an historic record breaking flight, when intrepid aviator Ted Parr cracked the magic 5 hour mark in his primary glider, Pegasus.

Flying Coorabel Ridge – Ridge Flying Article
Ridge lift, or as I used to call it in geography class TM uplifts, results from wind striking an obstacle. If it is a hill it will tend to slide around it, if it is a long enough ridge it will be forced to go over it.

Landing – Use your feet! Norm Sanders on basic training

Landings Another article by Norm

Lightning Strikes I flew through a thunderstorm once, when I was younger and more heroic…

Cheating Death As I fell weightless through the air the glider proceeded to tumble…

Little Voice – Get-home-itis
… as the purple squall line passed, with 50 knot gusts and hail.  The light twin flew into that wall and broke up.

Aviation Humour
“I said I was bored, not stupid!”

Wave Soaring
Last winter Thomas Dattler had six wave flights, three between Mt Warning and the Tweed Range..

Gloucester Strip
One end of this runway serves as a low cow route or blowflyover.

Outlandings – Sooner or later…
We used to sit around in hangars in Alaska discussing the best way to survive a landing on the tundra.

Three Women
Sandra deviously maneovered her over to the hangar wherein was parked a spotless Ximango…

Gossamer Albatross
…best known for completing the first completely human powered flight across the English Channel

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