Gerrit's Byron Bay Joyflight

Soaring in Byron Bay and beyond.
Images from many events featuring powered sailplanes and motor gliders.

Thank you very much for the photos, I was very pleased that some did come out o.k.and also that you were able to take them, since I didn't bring my camera. I think you did very well, flying the plane and taking photos.
Byron Bay and Broken Head were magnificent and I enjoyed the gliding
Mount Warning was fantastic and I admired the way you encircled the mountain and showed it to us.Moving the plane into a sharp turn with one of the wings facing down is always a great experience.
I always enjoy the landing of a plane and admire the pilot for making such a good landing.
I think you did a magnificent job and approached everything very professional.
I won't be looking for flying lessons at this stage,but will certainly recommend the Byron Gliding Club to others.
I also noticed the parachutists this afternoon and hope to make another jump in the not to distant future,
Thanks again for giving us a great thrill this afternoon, I won't forget that in a hurry and when I need to get up there again I hope you will be there to get us up there.
All the best



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